Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring With Elisabeth

I had the opportunity to do a fun Spring shoot with Elisabeth on Tuesday. We got lucky with really nice weather and a perfect day!

You may not know, but Elisabeth is one of the contributors on this blog. You can get to know her and her style here. We met for the first time on Tuesday and she is pretty much as awesome as I thought she'd be, plus she's a great model and fun to do photos with. I can't wait to do more photos with her again in the future! We did photos of four outfits and I decided to make a different post for each one.

Elisabeth loves finding great sale prices. She can get clothing at all the swanky joints for a fraction of the original price. She's way picky about what she buys and sniffs out the best deals. She does a pretty good job at finding cool stuff.

The wild cat shirt was found at Urban Outfitters on the sales rack for $10 and the gold maxi skirt is from Macy's, found on the sales rack for $25. Definitely the only time to buy anything from either of those places is when something is on sale. You get the same item, same quality, same everything, but for an extreme price cut.

As of lately I have been in love with maxi skirts! At first, maxi skirts were a real challenge for me. Since I am fairly short (5'2") I have never really liked long skirts/dresses. I always feared that longer clothing would emphasis my lack of height and make me look like a hobbit. Finally, I just went for it and fell in love! I got the inspiration to pair it with the wild cat shirt from Pinterest. I saw a girl sporting a maxi and rocker tee and loved how it looked! It was just so edgy and great! That's what I love about this skirt. It is incredibly easy to dress down and even easier to dress up with a nice top. The wild cat shirt is just really fun and can be worn with anything which is really convenient on lazy days. - Elisabeth

You can get ideas from anywhere. From photographs, people walking by, dreams, nature, whatever, wherever and that's something that's really cool about the world and about clothing. There is so much inspiration out there to help you find yourself and your style and what you really enjoy and want to be a part of.

We wondered the alleyways near my house in the North End of Boise. Didn't find much until near the end and then found the wall see you below and the covered VW Bug above. Each thing really worked with this outfit. Super serendipitous! And that's the way I like it! The wall is almost the same color as the skirt! haha. There was also a little bit of wind that helped give some life to the long skirt. It's so Egyptian!

This look really works well on Elisabeth and it's cool she decided to try something new that she didn't think would work before. It's good to be bold sometimes and go for something you wouldn't expect to work. You never know how it will turn out. The shirt goes perfect with the skirt and the belt, which was found at Kohl's, and is understated, but a nice compliment to the whole look. The skirt looks like it would be either really fun or really scary to run in. It makes me want to get a maxi skirt or dress for myself and try some fun poses with it, experimenting with lines and movements.

Another neat addition, this purse from Old Navy [on sale for $5]. Love it! Goes so well. 

She's so classic!

Thanks for reading and a big thanks to Elisabeth for being a part of this blog and contributing her cool and unique style. Love the fingernails!

- MaryAnne

PS. red lips!!!

[All photos in the post were taken by Annie's Place Photography - Photos by MaryAnne. All Right Reserved, April 2012]

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