Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something Good Can Work

Today was an awesome day! I went on two walks. One with Brian and our dog Sage and then one with Sage, where I met up with Brian during his work lunch and ate dinner with him. We had cheese pizza with garlic sauce. I hope that sounds appetizing. Ha!

New outfit found at Re-Style in Boise! Love the shirt. It's flattering, comfy, has a good sleeve length, and has polka-dots! The shorts are corduroy, and they are super red! haha. I thought maybe the whole corduroy thing would look strange [with shorts], but something told me to get them anyway and I'm glad I did because they look really good and are way comfy. I'm officially ready for warm weather! Both pieces were $2.

 I like the little peek-a-boo bit in the back. Oh! And I did another up-do. It's up-do April! [sort of]

I incorporated the bag for an example of color correlation. It's kind of a neat bag. Big. Reminds me of a beach bag, which makes me want to go to the beach!

Close up of the Monday up-do with the coffee maker lid still up. Argh. Can you tell that's my kitchen?  My hair was still damp when I took it out. I think it looks rather spiffy. :)

My favorite of the nail polish colors I have. Blue is my favorite color already though, so I'm biased, but this particular shade makes me all bubbly inside.

The shoes I wore. They are kind of a pain to go on walks in. They are better for around the house or going somewhere where a lot of sitting is involved. They're nice to have when I just want to slip something on to go outside or to the store. They'll be especially nice for camping.

The title of this post is taken from a song title by Two Door Cinema Club, that I happen to be all giddy about right now. It's kind of my Spring jam.

Thanks for reading!

- MaryAnne

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