Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm A Cat Person

Spring, Spring, Spring! It was a sunny 70+ degree day today and the hubs and I went on a long walk, stopping for gyros at Mazzah, a yummy Mediterranean restaurant.

The trees were in crazy full bloom with flowers of pink and white. They make any photo pretty much amazing. ;)

It was soooo nice to go on a walk and not have to worry about bringing a sweater or a jacket or worry about the wind being too cold. We did a lot of zig-zagging and dipping into alleys.

The skirt was something that had been lost and then found at my mom's earlier this year. I was happy to get it back and eager to wear it as soon as the weather was warm enough. It's actually a little bit big on me. It has a layer of tulle underneath and I love the color, which is something like a purple-gray. I don't remember where I got it. Probably Ross. And just like most of the outfits I post on here this one was figured out on the spot. It's a pretty basic, casual look, that is fun to wear on a Spring walk.

I originally bought the shirt from Busted Tees as a Christmas present for Brian. He wore it for a little while and then it sort of just became mine. Whatevs! I like it and it's way comfortable.

Using my only belt to cinch it in the middle to make it more flattering. I plan on investing in more belts. I used to never wear them, but I have learned the benefits they have for certain outfits (and girls with curves) and now I enjoy wearing them.

Spring means flowers, long walks, skirts, dresses, no more jackets and heavy sweaters, cute indie music, all things green, and bare feet! Today is One Day Without Shoes. I've been participating for the last few years. For more info, go HERE.

Thanks for reading!

- MaryAnne

[All photos, except for the feet photo, were taken by Brian!]

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