Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter, Yesterday.

While, Brian had to work [big boohoo!], I spent Easter with family. I ate way too much pie!

This is the best photo that was taken of the dress I wore. Some days are like that. But this photo shows it well and you get the gist of the over all look. You may recognize this dress on the new Old Navy commercial. Once in a great while I'm a sucker for new things at stores I never shop at. Haha. I like the monet-esque design of the floral print.

Did this up-do myself. Bobby pins are fun. And up-dos are fun!

I ate at my gradma's for dinner. Got to visit with some extended family. Then later my dad and I went on a long walk. It sucked though that Brian had to work because I was hoping to go on a hike and picnic out in nature somewhere. For some reason it just feels right to spend Easter that way. Sigh! I enjoyed the dinner anyway and I realllllyyy enjoyed the cherry pie! I was craving cherry pie for weeks. Yum!

Here's my grandma!

My grandma's house is like a museum of all things old and interesting, if not a little creepy, but utterly charming none-the-less.

Her and I share a fondness of the old fashioned and antique.

Thanks for reading!

- MaryAnne

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