Monday, January 30, 2012

A Day in Winter

Brian and I took a mini-holiday over the weekend. We had to go to the snow since it wouldn't come to us. Not long enough to enjoy anyway. We went up to the Cascade/McCall area and yay, snow!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It gets in your bones.

A few weeks ago my hubs and I went for a winter hike with his brother's dog Sage. She hangs out with us a lot and is a big fan of long hikes. Particularly when they involve going off trail and climbing. The trail we went on wasn't too far from where we live. We went as far off trail as we could and then, at the top, we found another trail. Ha.

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First of the Year

Been a little neglectful. A little procrastinating. A little shameful really. But not to worry. I haven't given up and I'm excited to add more stuff and share new things with you. I plan to share with you a few big things and some great posts. I will be adding a contributor page very soon, along with posts about the contributors to allow you to get to know them a bit. Eventually I won't be the only one that you'll be seeing on here. There are several awesome people interested in adding their input and creating awesome posts themselves. One of the new contributors I am happy to introduce to you is a cool girl named Michelle. She has a blog that you must check out!

She is very much into fashion and creates lovely outfits and shares them all the time on her blog. She posts nearly everyday and I enjoy checking it out. There's always something new and fascinating.

I also have another girl for you to see, the beginning of a new series of posts that showcase photo shoots that I do with cool people that I do the styling for, using their clothing. So basically it's a collaboration between the two styles of the model and the photographer, both in aesthetics and fashion.

here's a sneak peek...

Then of course I will be posting new photos of me in outfits. I am planning on doing some photos this weekend of an outfit or two in the snow! I can't wait! My boy and I are going on a mini-break in the mountains. A two day holiday to see a Winter Festival in McCall, Idaho where people will be making ice sculptures. I haven't gone to it in several years and I'm excited to go again.

I'll be back soon! Thanks for reading. Don't forget to like this blog on facebook!

- MaryAnne