What is Destruction in the Windows? It's a Fashion blog. But... it's more than that. And it's not just for girls either.

This blog is the brain child of this one girl named MaryAnne, who enjoys expressing herself in fashion, photography, and writing. She asked some other girls to help out and then this blog was born. It's not really about name brands, but they're certainly okay too. It's mostly about bargains, thrift stores, vintage, concoctions, alterations, collaborations, and DIY. It's about self-esteem and what makes you feel good. What makes you feel the most free and the most like yourself, not how others make you think you should feel or what they tell you you should be. It's for the independent soul who enjoys being a unique individual. And that's the best thing you can be. Clothes do say a lot about the person wearing them, but they don't always have to be the latest fashion or make any grand statement. Clothing is a tool to express yourself the way you feel that particular day. If you are feeling like jeans and an old t-shirt, go ahead, but on those other days, when you feel like wearing something really creative with some fun accessories and you feel really awesome that day, make sure to take pictures and write a little something about it and let us post it on here! And if you have several cool outfits that you absolutely love and would love to share with us, let MaryAnne take pictures of you in them. You get to do a fun photo shoot, get free photos to keep, and you'll get to have a swanky blog entry dedicated to you! You would however, have to live in or around Boise, Idaho to do the shoot, except perhaps on the rare chance she is traveling in your area. If you live somewhere else though, then you can talk to MaryAnne about doing your own photo shoot and submitting the photos. Maybe you can even write your own blog entry about it! Check her out on facebook or email her! Her other on-going project is her photography, being used under the name of Annie's Place Photography. See her stuff here. Like her photography page on facebook.

Yes, boys are welcome too and we know several guys that dig fashion and wear really awesome stuff that makes us drool! *wink*

[Mercades & Theo, Photo by Annie's Place Photography]