Monday, August 20, 2012

Are You There Autumn? It's me, MaryAnne.

Forgive the title. I think it's funny. This is a post that gives a nod to Autumn. I am kind of over Summer for the most part. I'm ready for the leaves to change and the air to cool off and I'm ready for sweater weather! Or, at the very least, weather I can wear pants in. I went on a little thrift store adventure this past weekend and found three dresses and this top. I can't wait to show you the Audrey Hepburn dress I found. I have to alter the neck line first.

This top was brand new, never worn. The second-hand store I went to originally wanted $13 for it, a price that the actual store it came from would probably give it as a sales price. I got lucky though because the color of that particular tag was 50% off. It reminds me of an old lady's moo-moo. But I don't know. There's something about it I like. Maybe it's the colors, the pink and green. There are white and yellow tropical birds on it too, but you can't see them very well in the photos. And maybe also, it's that it looks good on me and it's different from things I'm used to seeing. It stands out in a subtle way and I like that.

This top is kind of too long to wear with shorts. It can be worn with leggings though and as you see here, I paired it with my skinny jeans. What's also cool about this look is that I was able to wear a pair of shoes I found under my bed and sort of forgot about for maybe about a year! They are way cute, grey-blue flats. You can see them best in the last photo.

I also had a new belt I was able to wear and it works very well with this look. It's navy blue. Belts are certainly a great wonder and for a long time I didn't enjoy wearing them or felt I had any need for belts, but now I have found my need for them and am wanting to expand my belt collection a great deal. I like wearing belts with quite a few of my outfits now and I have a couple more than I used to. You won't be seeing me in just that brown one anymore. ;)

These photos were taken by my husband, Brian, on a foothills walk in the Boise North End, in Idaho. This trail was chalk full of awesome photo ops. I was almost salivating from all the possibilities.

Thanks for reading!

- MaryAnne

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