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I am proud to welcome you to the Contributors Page. Here you can meet and get to know all the lovely people that contribute to this blog.

What is a Contributor?

A Contributor contributes their expertise, their input, their love for fashion, finding the best deals, and making small and big changes in the world. A contributor can do pretty much whatever they are interested in doing. They can write entire posts or they can give me pictures of themselves for me to write about, as well as ideas for posts and segments. Some can even start their own segments/pages. Contributors can also do modeling for me, where we do photo shoots of them in their favorite outfits. Then they would fill out a small interview questionnaire about the outfits and I'd do a post all about them and their love for fashion. Pretty nifty! 

You don't have to be local to contribute. You can be from anywhere in the world! We can communicate through email or even facebook. Below are the links where you can contact me.

- MaryAnne

The Players 
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