Thursday, May 31, 2012

Raiding the Closet

Finding new outfits from the a free store in my own home called My Closet. A few of the outfits shown below will be seen again in the near future, done all pretty like, outside with nice light and better quality. I thought it'd be fun to do a post on my evening's adventure of finding new things to wear out of what I already own.

I need to find a better backdrop for indoor pictures, instead of the pink towel that clearly looks just like a towel. Darn. Consider it more like a color, than a towel.

The first outfit is a long-sleeved shirt. It's something I got a year or so ago along with other pieces of clothing someone didn't want anymore. I haven't worn it before because I figured it was too big, or perhaps I was too big. Haha. I kept it because I figured I'd take it in or use a belt. I've toned up since then and have new ideas of what looks neat on me and I found that wearing it with shorts kept it slimming and made the baggier look work, and the lace bit beneath was cool. The lace part is from a slip that I wore to hide color showing through the shirt.

Sleeves down...

Sleeves up...

I don't really have any belts that I thought worked with this look. I tried them all and only this black one was semi-okay, but still not really working.

Maybe I'll eventually find a belt that could work with it, but it really doesn't need a belt like I thought before. But... it definitely proves that I need more belts!

Outfit two is also a hand-me-down, but it was never warn, by anyone, until today. While, it is still on the big side, I found out that there is a cinching string in the middle that I can pull in and tie. When I did that I realized I totally dig it as a dress! It was originally intended to be a shirt.

Yes, there is a hint of shorts underneath. It's still way too short to wear on its own. ;)

Outfit three... A skirt turned dress! I loooove it! It can be worn for an interview, professional setting, an art gallery, dinner out, or a family gathering! The possibilities are endless. I like how it looks both formal and casual. The camera cut off the length. It's not too long, just below the knees. An advantage of being short allows me to wear super long skirts as long dresses. haha.

 Here's another way of looking at it...


(ps. my hands look huuuge. ha.)

Outfit four is something fun for summer, and it can be warn two ways. I did it in layers, a spaghetti-strap over a tank top. What's nice to see is that my arms actually look good bare. I used to hate to show my upper arms because I hated the fat on them. Working out my arms for months is paying off. I try to do arm exercises everyday and every other day I use weights. I'm super happy they are looking as toned as they are because now I can finally wear tank tops and other arm bearing things for summer without feeling too uncomfortable. It's all about being comfortable in your skin. At least it is for me.

Something to make it look a little more interesting and form fitting - I tied a couple ends together, one from the right side, and one from the back, and it came out like this...

Note: I do own more than one pair of shorts. I was only using this pair as an example. They're way comfortable and way old. I need to buy more shorts for sure! I don't really have enough, since I've been collecting skirts for a few years, and the shorts I do have are kind of old. And unlucky for me, my new red shorts got a rip in them when I went adventuring on Memorial Day. I'll fix them though, and show you the end result. :)

Stay tuned for some fancy photos of all, or some, of the above outfits, complete with nice hair and maybe different bottoms. ;)

Thanks for reading!

- MaryAnne

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