Thursday, May 24, 2012

Damsels in Distress

Starting a new feature... Fashion in the Movies ... One of the best places to spot inspiration, is in a movie. And the clothing in this movie is all sorts of awesome.

Damsels in Distress; starring Greta Gerwig. I was drooling over the clothing the whole movie!

I was disappointed to find that the internet didn't have nearly enough photos of this movie, or really any that even showed what I wanted to share, but every single girl, the main group of girls [see below], just have the most adorable things to wear and that flattered them perfectly. It really inspired me to seek out certain cuts and shapes, as well as designs and textures that could be really flattering. It also fed the urge to make my own!

I particularly loved what Greta's character wore. She's the one in the striped dress. Almost every single outfit she had on, I wanted for myself. I loved how her dress, in these two photos, moved as she walked. I don't love the color, I would go for different colored stripes or a different color than white perhaps, but she certainly looked good in it. That's what you get when you have a personal/custom seamstress at hand. And since I don't have one of those handy, I am determined to become my own. I'm getting into DIY for altering clothing and creating new looks out of something old. When I finally do I'll be posting each every one on here! I hope that I can eventually learn how to make dresses completely from scratch too. That's my dream!

The dress below is so adorable and they all had such cool cardigans to wear too. I looove cardigans! That's kind of why I love Autumn and Spring so much. I looove sweater weather and wish I could just wear cardigans all year round!

As for the movie itself, it is definitely worth a watch. It's probably very much a girl movie, but it has a sort of sense of humor that guys could get into. It's like a guy that a made a girl movie, which it actually is. And not just a guy, an older man, and that allows for a different spin. Something less feminine and youthful, made with the mind of someone wiser and harder minded, but then played by young, innocent sort of girls who aren't supposed to be aware of what they haven't lived through yet, which makes the whole thing a lot more interesting. Whit Stillman wrote and directed this film. It's smart and intriguing and always keeps you curious. There's some cuteness and charm in it as well, which is always something that helps make a movie likable for me.

Either way it's worth a watch, even if you just want to see all the cool outfits they get to wear!

Thanks for reading!

- MaryAnne

PS. found this... cute photo of Greta...

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