Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birthday Post #1

My birthday was on July 7. I had planned to do a birthday post right after that weekend, but ended up getting busy and distracted so much that the days flew by very quickly and then today suddenly got here. Today happens to be my hub's Bday! I wore a really cute outfit today. I want to share it on here, BUT FIRST I must do the birthday post for my own birthday. It's two outfits in one because I want to show off what Brian wore two.

This was a dress I wanted to do a cool DIY to, but ended up scrapping the elaborate back design idea and left a slit open in the back instead. I think I will do something with the back though. I may have a better idea than what I first came up with. I might just take the whole top back out and replace it with a sheer fabric to make it see-through. Then I can wear a lace under garment underneath and I think that might look pretty spiffy.

The story behind this dress began over a year ago. I'm not really sure when I got it, but I got it at the old Re-Style location, before it moved to the place on Overland [in Boise]. I got it knowing I would need to tweak it a little to make it look good on me. I feel like it's okay I waited as long as I did because I am ten pounds lighter and I am a whole lot fitter so I look better in it than I did before. Particularly my arms. I still feel I could stand to lose a little more weight. I also feel that I look better in person in this dress than I do in most of the photos taken. Probably because it was so form fitting and then also I can be picky about how I look in photographs. I'm also not used to having bare arms. For so long I hated how they looked and this is the first summer when I actually like showing them off and wearing tank tops. It proves that working out does help and does show results, even if it takes a while. It's still very worth it. I'm still working at it and it seems every few weeks my arms get a little smaller and a little firmer.

The belt was something I literally just randomly found in my house. That tends to happen to a lot of my stuff. It gets thrown or stashed somewhere and somehow I manage to find it when I can actually use it for something. I'm glad I have another belt to use now and this one really helped the over-all look of this dress. I love how Europian this dress looks!

This is all I did [so far], just to get it to fit well on me...

 I cut a line in the back seam and sewed it up and walla, I made an opening in the back. Can you imagine how cool it might look if the back was all the way out and replaced with sheer fabric?

I may also lower the top part in the front to right above my chest. It's just a little too high and confining.

Below is the messy up-do I did. There's a little bit of fake colored hair and fireflies in there. Oh, and the house in the background is one of the original Basque homes built during the time the Basque settled here. There's house all around the northern part of Boise that appear to be of Basque origin. They also have a Basque district downtown where you can get authentic food and drinks.

The temperature on my birthday was supposed to be around 100 degrees. Lucky for me it didn't end up feeling like that. There was a slight overcast and the sky was threatening to storm a little. It felt really nice actually. Like an Autumn/Summer day. Brian and I walked around the area that we live. We passed old houses and walked under many trees. We ate lunch on the patio at a place called The Sun Ray. And after that we ate real old-fashioned ice cream at a place called Goody's. We shared a huge double scoop sundae with a cherry on top!

It was nice and cool in there. Almost cold! Haha. I loooove their ice cream! Particularly the coffee ice cream with marshmallow topping. It might be the best around. At least in Boise. And it's REAL! omg! Real ice cream?? HOW?! Yes, real ice cream made with real cream! Just like the old days!

The cool purse I was wearing was also found at Re-Style during some crazy 75% off day and I got it for less than $2. It's the perfect walking around, going to town, night clubbing purse. It has a thousand compartments in it and can hold just about anything. Anything flat, that is. And the strap can come off.

You'll never guess where Brian got his clothes. Out of sheer chance we decided to check Sears in the mall after looking at JC Penny and finding nothing. Everything in his size was picked clean. It's a totally awesome thing that we happened to go to Sears. They not only had a ton of cool stuff and things in his size, but they were all on sale. Most of the stuff that we found was 50% off. I was able to get a few things there myself, also all 50% off. I'll get to show you them in future posts! I'd recommend checking out Sears. It seems to have little traffic and it's quiet and cozy and no one really bothers you except maybe a stray sales person. And they must be hurting for business because they have awesome deals and a free membership that gives you points for shopping there, that can be turned into credit, as well as random $10 gift cards, which is something we got when Brian bought his clothes. That $10 allowed me to get a shirt for pretty much free!

I think Brian's look is very 80's. Or is it 60's? There's some sort of 80's thing going on there. I would have picked different shoes for him to wear, but meh, it's still way hot. Oh my....

Thanks for reading and letting me share my birthday with you!

- MaryAnne

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